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Dr. Glenn Thayer

Dr. Thayer treats patients in Lake Placid

Dr. Glenn Thayer is an 1974 Ohio State University College of Optometry Graduate. Dr Glenn Thayer has been serving the people of Lake Placid since 1979. He enjoys getting to know his patients and their families. He has been blessed to watch his and so many families grow through the years. Living and volunteering his time within his practice as well as the beautiful community of Lake Placid. He has served as President of Lions Club, Director of the LP Chamber of Commerce, and Board Chairman Manna Ministries of LP, Member and Elder of the 1st Presbyterian Church LP.

Dr. Thayer enjoys teaching the Good News, Family (10 grandchildren), Music, Walking (old age running), Swimming (mostly wading now) and he is a retired car guy. One of the coolest things to do is Cave dive. Dr. Thayer has completed 100 cave dives and is a certified cave diver.